Waves | Abbey Road Studio 3 Plug-in

Waves | Abbey Road Studio 3 Plug-in

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The Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin brings the acoustic environment of the legendary Abbey Road Studio 3 control room to your headphones, so you can have better reference for your mixes and productions wherever you are.

Abbey Road Studio 3: The Perfect Control Room

The Abbey Road Studio 3 control room is Abbey Road Studios’ flagship mix room, designed by the world’s greatest acousticians to provide the ultimate music production and mixing environment.

Contemporary mixes and remixes of the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Modern classics by Radiohead, Amy Winehouse and Kanye West. #1 chart toppers by Frank Ocean, Lady Gaga, and Florence + the Machine. All were made and perfected at Abbey Road Studio 3.

Stellar Acoustics Recreated on Headphones

The Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin is based on precision 360° impulse response measurements of the Studio 3 control room, combined with Waves’ pioneering Nx technology for immersive spatial audio.

The plugin recreates—in glorious three-dimensional sound over any set of headphones—the same stellar audio qualities that make Studio 3 the perfect acoustic environment for music mixing and production:

  • The same supreme clarity of stereo and surround image
  • The same acoustic response unveiling every detail in your sessions
  • The same well-balanced sustain across the full frequency spectrum
  • The same accurate low-end sustain—a hallmark of the world’s best studio control rooms
  • The same combination of impeccable room acoustics and state-of-the-art near-field, mid-field and far-field speakers

Produce and Mix with Greater Confidence

With the Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin:

  • You have the ultimate reference environment on headphones
  • You can better judge mix depth, panning, reverb, low end response and more, over any pair of headphones
  • You can better predict how your headphone sessions will translate to speaker systems of all types
The Abbey Road Studio 3 plugin also delivers full 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound, modeled after the studio’s original surround setup. You can work professionally on surround mixes—using any stereo headphones.

Perfect Reference—Anywhere, Anytime

Abbey Road Studio 3 is useful in a wide range of scenarios:

  • If you don’t have a perfectly treated mix room—now you do.
  • If you do have a great room—now you have the world’s best control room for extra reference.
  • If you’re on the go—you can take Abbey Road Studio 3 with you.
  • If you collaborate with others—now you all have the same acoustic environment to refer to when sending sessions back and forth.
  • If you need to create a 5.1 or 7.1 mix without access to a full set of surround speakers—now you can do so on headphones, before going into a surround studio for final tweaks.

No matter how good or bad your current mixing and music production environment is, Abbey Road Studio 3 will give you an impeccable environment to reference your sessions—on headphones.

  • The acoustic environment of the Abbey Road Studio 3 control room—inside your headphones
  • Precision modeling of the control room’s stereo & surround soundstage
  • Powered by Waves Nx immersive audio technology
  • Make better decisions on headphones about panning, mix depth, reverb, the low end, and more
  • Choose from Studio 3’s three sets of stereo speaker setups: near-fields, mid-fields, far-fields
  • Mix 7.1 and 5.1 on headphones with Studio 3’s full surround setup
  • Use the plugin with the Nx Head Tracker for enhanced realism
  • Personalized head anatomy calibration
  • SoundGrid-compatible


  • Tech Specs
  • Abbey Road Studio 3 (V11) - System Requirements


    Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9 / Xeon

    8 GB RAM
    8 GB free disk space on the system drive

    Operating System
    10.12.6 - 10.15

    Screen Resolution
    Minimum: 1024x768
    Recommended: 1280x1024 / 1600x1024
    USB displays are not supported as the primary display.


    Intel Core i5 / i7 / i9 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core

    8 GB RAM
    8 GB free disk space on the system drive

    Operating System
    Windows 10 64 bit

    Screen Resolution
    Minimum: 1024x768
    Recommended: 1280x1024 / 1600x1024

    Exceptions & Notes:

    • Abbey Road Studio 3 on Catalina: Head tracking with the camera is now supported (available as an update through Central)
    • Nx Head Tracker: See the Support tab of the Nx Head Tracker page.
    • Camera Support and Performance: In general, Nx will support any webcam that works on your system. If you can Skype with it, you can do head tracking with it. Note that MacBook Pros with built-in PCI-based cameras cause CPU to peak in Pro Tools. This has nothing to do with the Nx plugin or head tracking application; it is a system bug of PCI cameras and Pro Tools on MacBook Pro. To avoid this issue, use an external USB camera. [Mac & Windows]
    • Mac computers with built-in iSight cameras: Following the August 2016 update of the Nx plugin, old Mac computers with built-in iSight cameras may experience deterioration in tracking performance. Until we fix this issue, it is advised to use an external USB camera instead of the built-in iSight camera, or, in case you do not have an Nx Head Tracker, do not update the plugin yet. [Mac]


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