Waves | SuperRack SoundGrid Plug-in host
Waves | SuperRack SoundGrid Plug-in host
Waves | SuperRack SoundGrid Plug-in host
Waves | SuperRack SoundGrid Plug-in host
Waves | SuperRack SoundGrid Plug-in host

Waves | SuperRack SoundGrid Plug-in host

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Discover the next generation of live plugin processing. Run plugins in real time, customize your workspace with floating windows, set extended-scope snapshots, and run any live show with more speed and confidence than ever before.

Designed from the ground up and optimized for speedy operation, SuperRack is a cutting-edge plugin rack that lets live sound and broadcast engineers run up to 64 stereo racks (multi-channel racks are supported) through multiple instances of Waves’ plugins, with near-zero latency (in SoundGrid mode). SuperRack offers endless customization options that make it easy for you to tailor the application to your very own mixing workflow.

SuperRack operates in either Native mode, which handles plugin processing on the CPU of your Mac/PC, with any ASIO/Core audio interface, or in SoundGrid mode, which handles plugin processing on an external SoundGrid DSP server to significantly increase plugin count, minimize latency, and enable the host and I/O devices to be far apart from each other, to accommodate complex setups.

SuperRack is a natural extension of your mixing console. Designed for quick setup time, flexible touch-friendly workspace, and unlimited workflow customization, SuperRack enables FOH, monitor, broadcast, and AV engineers to run any show with speed and confidence.

  • A single SuperRack license includes both SoundGrid and Native versions
  • View and control multiple plugin instances simultaneously
  • Multitouch-friendly graphic interface
  • Expand your workspace to up to four monitors
  • Easily tweak small plugin parameters with a ‘Touch & Slide’ fader
  • Quickly access up to 12 plugins per snapshot via the Hot Plugins panel
  • Map application and plugin controls to MIDI & computer keyboard for quick hands-on access
  • Switch inputs and outputs while maintaining processing chains
  • Adjust multiple racks simultaneously with the ‘Linking’ function
  • Share SoundGrid I/Os in a network to build complex setups
  • Selectively recall snapshots via scope filter
  • Comprehensive device and network monitoring
  • Advanced latency alignment management
  • Host mirroring (DiGiCo) and DSP server redundancy
  • Import MultiRack sessions into SuperRack with ease


  • Overview
  • Run Plugins with Near-Zero Latency

    Deliver award-winning sound quality with near-zero latency. SuperRack is powered by Waves’ SoundGrid® technology, which provides you with real-time processing, using state-of-the-art tools trusted by countless Grammy-winning engineers.

    Set Up Any Show Quickly and Easily

    SuperRack is designed with user experience in mind. Using the setup wizard, the system scans and identifies all connected devices and configures them automatically. Link multiple racks together and adjust their parameters simultaneously to prevent redundant work. Instantly switch the order of plugins within each rack, copy plugins and their presets from channel to channel, add hardware processors as external inserts on your plugin racks, and much more

    Tailor the System to Your Workflow

    Customize the workspace to your unique workflow by setting up and recalling snapshots with comprehensive scope, for plugin position, tempo, windows, worksurface setup, and much more. Use Custom Layers to combine the most important racks from your session into one view. Control SuperRack using User Assignable Keys, a MIDI device, and the computer keyboard.

    Enjoy a Flexible, Touch-Optimized Workspace

    Connect up to 4 touchscreens to unlock more workspace control and visibility into your session than ever before. Control your plugins with precision using a touch-and-slide fader to control small parameters that are tricky to adjust with just your fingertips.


    Run the Show with Confidence

    To ensure your system is stable and reliable, SuperRack lets you configure SoundGrid server redundancy and system mirroring. SuperRack also offers detailed network monitoring and device status, allowing you to view event logs for both the application and the network when needed.


    MacBook Pro / Mac Pro / iMac / Mac Mini with Intel i5 CPU or higher
    MacBook Air laptops are not supported

    8 GB RAM

    Operating System
    10.13.x and higher

    Screen Resolution


    Intel i5 or higher

    8 GB RAM

    Operating System
    Windows 10 64-bit

    Screen Resolution

    Windows 10 64-bit with Intel i5 and up CPU

    Important Notes:

    • View all SuperRack support articles.
    • SoundGrid is a ‘private’ network: in order to have a clean network stream, the SoundGrid network should not be used to run any non-SoundGrid applications. Using non-SoundGrid protocols on the same network that carries SoundGrid audio might result in audio drops, application freezes, and other unexpected results.
    • Installing SuperRack v11 will update all SoundGrid firmware (interfaces and servers) and drivers to v11, which is not compatible with SoundGrid v9 software. To also use MultiRack SoundGrid or SoundGrid Studio, you will need to switch between v11 and v9 SoundGrid firmware and drivers.
    • OS X users: When launching SuperRack, you might experience a brief flicker. This occurs when SuperRack adjusts the computer’s screen resolution and color scheme to its requirements. Upon quitting SuperRack, the screen will revert to the previous resolution and color scheme. For best performance of audio transport from the SoundGrid Core Audio Driver to the SoundGrid network, new Apple computers featuring Thunderbolt 3 / USB-C connectivity should use one of the following adapters:
      • Sonnet Solo 10G Thunderbolt 3-to-Ethernet Adapter
      • OWC Thunderbolt 3 10G Ethernet Adapter
    • Windows Users: Connecting to a SoundGrid network via Thunderbolt 3 is currently not supported.
    • DiGiCo Users: DiGiCo V1143 software is required to establish SuperRack remote control.
    • VPN software can alter network settings to meet its requirements. These changes can affect the network ports used for SoundGrid and may compromise performance of the SoundGrid network. We strongly advise that you remove, disable, or turn off all VPN software while working with SoundGrid.
    • MIDI feedback is not available in SuperRack.


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