Grace Design m802 remote controlled microphone preamplifier with optional A/D converter
Grace Design m802 remote controlled microphone preamplifier with optional A/D converter
Grace Design m802 remote controlled microphone preamplifier with optional A/D converter
Grace Design m802 remote controlled microphone preamplifier with optional A/D converter
Grace Design m802 remote controlled microphone preamplifier with optional A/D converter

Grace Design m802 remote controlled microphone preamplifier with optional A/D converter

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We're very excited to announce the arrival of our new Dante AD option for the m802 preamp system! Dante is the leading audio network solution in the industry and is supported by over 100 manufacturers of products such as digital consoles, I/O interfaces, etc. m802 users can now add the new Dante module (or upgrade their existing AES-id or AES/ADAT version) and connect the m802 to other Dante network equipped devices.

Possibly the world’s most evolved mic preamplifier, the m802 delivers functionality and performance which simply doesn’t exist in any other mic preamp design.

The core is a high fidelity 8 channel microphone preamplifier designed to be extremely transparent and musical. But that’s just the beginning. The m802 is fully remote controllable. With our full featured stand alone hardware RCU (optional), up to 64 channels (a system of 8 m802’s) can be addressed and controlled seamlessly from up to 1000’ away. All preamplifier functions, including gain, phase, 48V phantom are instantly accessible and adjustable. These settings can then all be stored into preset locations and instantly recalled.

The m802 can also be controlled directly from Digidesign® ProTools|HD® systems, compatible control surfaces and many other MIDI devices. Working with Digidesign®, we have adapted their control spec to directly address the m802 as an integrated part of a ProTools|HD® system. Additionally, the m802 can be controlled by a wide variety of MIDI mappable devices, making it easily integrated into a wide variety of remote recording situations.

Next, consider the optional 8 channel 24bit/192kHz A/D card option. Developed as the perfect complement to the m802 mic preamplifier design, this converter card provides pristine, musical A/D conversion to rival even the finest stand alone units available. Included is our proprietary unique s-Lock™ dual stage PLL for extremely low intrinsic jitter and rock solid digital performance.

The m802 now includes ribbon mic mode, which shifts the preamplifier’s entire gain range up 10dB, while deactivating 48V phantom power, optimizing input impedance and bypassing the decoupling capacitors.

While the m802 works beautifully as a stand alone mic preamplifier, the optional Remote Control Unit (RCU) provides fantastic ergonomics and enhanced system control. This updated RCU now offers dedicated individual channel select switches and a new highly visible blue LED numeric display for channel gain settings. Both the RCU and the m802 now come with a high contrast, neutral backlight LCD.

Whatever your application, we invite you to discover the remarkable sonic performance, functionality and reliability of the new m802. We’re confident that it will help you make the finest recordings of your career.


  • fast, musical transimpedance amplifier architecturefully balanced, transformeless design
  • flexible digital metering with peak hold and reset
  • Audinate Dante audio network A/D card option
  • controllable from Digidesign® ProTools|HD® systems and compatible control surfaces (and many other MIDI devices)
  • dual high-current outputs (XLR+D-Sub) drive long cable runs and loads down to 50 Ohms
  • fast, efficient Philips I2C serial protocol to control preamplifiers from up to 1000 feet away
  • gain range of -7dB to +63dB in 1.5 dB steps
  • new selectable ribbon mic mode
  • channel group mode (perfect for stereo pairs, subgroups)
  • RCU able to address up to 8 units (64 channels)
  • front panel lockout mode
  • large neutral backlit LCD display
  • 15 User preset memory locations, for saving preamplifier settings (gain, phantom power, phase)
  • five year transferable warranty on parts and labor


  • Absolute purist A/D converter performance: 24 bit, 44.1kHz – 192kHz sample rates
  • Outputs include 2x8ch AES3 on DB25, 1x8ch AES3-id on 4 BNC connectors (supports double wire mode)
  • Optional ADAT optical output module. Supports s/MUX for 88.2-96kHz sample rates
  • Multiple clock sources: Internal crystal, external word clock and Digidesign™ loop sync
  • wordclock in and out, clock output can be word clock in, recovered word clock or internal ref word clock
  • s-Lock™ dual stage PLL for extremely low jitter without sample rate conversion
  • Ultra pure high performance analog front end
  • Very low distortion conversion: 0.0002% THD+N
  • Low phase noise, wide lock PLL for external clock. Locks to Fs +/- 8%
  • Extremely low jitter s-Lock™ crystal based PLL
  • 8 channel AES3-id/IEC60958 (S/PDIF) outputs on BNC
  • Single wire and dual wire operation (8 channels on DB25, 4 channels on BNC)
  • All ADC parameters are adjustable from the m802RCU or m802 front panel
  • All data outputs are transformer coupled
  • five year transferable warranty on parts and labor


    Frequency Response
    @ 40dB gain 0.2dB (50Ω source) 15Hz-300kHz
    @ 40dB gain 3dB (50Ω source) 4.5Hz-1.0MHz
    @ 19.6dB gain +20dBu out, 1kHz <.0007%
    @ 40.5dB gain +20dBu out, 1kHz <.0010%
    @ 60.0dB gain +20dBu out, 1kHz <.0050%
    Intermodulation Distortion @ 40dB gain +20dBu out
    SMPTE/DIN 1:1 (50Hz, 7kHz) <.0015%
    SMPTE/DIN 4:1 (50Hz, 7kHz) <.0040%
    Noise - Referred to Input
    @ 60dB gain, 50Ω source -129dB
    @ 60dB gain, 150Ω source -127dB
    @ 60dB gain, 600Ω source -123dB
    Phase Deviation
    100-20KHz @ 40.5dB gain <3
    Any Channel @ 40.5dB gain 1kHz -110dB
    @ 60dB gain, 3.5Vcm, 1kHz >70dB
    @ 60dB gain, 3.5Vcm, 10kHz >70dB
    Maximum Output Level
    Balanced +27dBu
    Unbalanced +21dBu
    Input 4.35kΩ
    Output 200Ω
    Minimum load impedance 50Ω
    Weight and Dimensions
    m802 preamplifier 12lbs (5.4kg), 2U rack mount x D10
    Remote control unit 2.3lbs (1kg), H1.6 x W8 x D5.25
    power supply 4lbs (1.8kg), H1.7 x W 8.5 x D8.5
    Power Consumption
    100/120/230/240V~ 50-60Hz 60 Watts
    A/D CONVERTER MODULE (without preamplifier)
    Dynamic range
    20Hz-20kHz >115dB
    A weighting >117dB
    1kHz, -1dBFS, 20Hz-22kHz < 0.00026% (-112dB)
    Frequency response +/-0.2dB -3dB
    44.1kHz Fs 5Hz-21kHz 22kHz
    48kHz Fs 5Hz-23kHz 24kHz
    88.2kHz Fs 5Hz-41kHz 44kHz
    96kHz Fs 5Hz-45kHz 48kHz
    176.4kHz Fs 5Hz-54kHz 72.5kHz
    192kHz Fs 5Hz-59kHz 79kHz
    Full scale input level +16dB or +24dB (+/-2dB trim)
    60Hz >65dB
    1kHz >80dB
    10kHz >60dB
    IMD SMPTE 4:1 60Hz, 7kHz, -3dBFS <100dB (0.0008%)
    Interchannel crosstalk <120dB
    Group delay
    44.1-48kHz 13/Fs
    Sample rates, internal crystal (kHz) 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192
    External Clock Lock Range
    Wide lock mode 40.1kHz-207kHz (+/-8% at each sample rate)
    s-Lock mode +/-250ppm (+350, -400ppm typical)
    Intrinsic Jitter, 200Hz-20kHz BW
    Wide lock mode < 60ps RMS
    s-Lock mode < 40ps RMS
    Jitter Rejection Corner Frequency
    Wide lock mode, -3dB, 12dB/octave 800Hz
    s-Lock mode, -3dB, 12dB/octave 10Hz
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