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Gator Cases offers an extensive line of cases and bags for mixers, speakers, mics, rack equipment, and recording gear — everything audio pros need to protect their gear.


Musicians in the know, know to trust Gator Cases to shield their beloved instruments. Whether it’s a student’s first trumpet or your grandpa’s vintage relic of a guitar from the ’60s, if it’s in a Gator case, it’s well protected.



Transporting fragile flat-screen displays

 and computers can be nerve-racking, but you can put your mind at ease knowing that your electronics will arrive at their destination safely when they are guarded by Gator Cases.


DJs and stage lighting professionals, ranging from touring professionals to those who only gig occasionally, trust Gator Cases time after time to shield their delicate lighting equipment from harm.


The Gator Cases utility lineup is made to fit almost anything. Offering the most flexibility in padding and size options, these cases are built tough to thoroughly protect your gear, no matter what it is.

Gator Cases