AMS Neve | 1073LBEQ 3-band EQ Compatible with 500-series
AMS Neve | 1073LBEQ 3-band EQ Compatible with 500-series
AMS Neve | 1073LBEQ 3-band EQ Compatible with 500-series

AMS Neve | 1073LBEQ 3-band EQ Compatible with 500-series

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Compact 1073® EQ

Based on the legendary inductor-based 3-band EQ from the classic 1073®, the 1073LBEQ packs a punch recognised by so many users worldwide, now available in a compact 500 series format.

Three-Band Musical EQ

The three frequency bands from the original 1073® EQ were carefully selected by Rupert Neve to produce musical results on a wide range of signal sources. These three bands include optimal presence frequencies for male and female vocals, air band and selectable frequencies for bass control.

Hand-Wound Inductors

Exclusive to Neve, the 1073® inductor circuitry follows the incredibly detailed ‘pencil-on-paper’ specifications drawn up by Rupert Neve and his team of engineers in the ’70s. These hand-wound inductors “sing” when applying resistance to selected frequency bands to create that famous 1073 EQ character.

Class-A, Discrete Design

The 1073LBEQ cut and boost amplifiers, for all three bands, are Class A design. The discrete audio circuit found in the classic 80-series 1073® EQ has been faithfully maintained – including original Tantalum capacitors and chokes for the high pass filter and presence band.

Insert Mode

The 1073LB and 1073LBEQ make perfect partners by using the unique audio processing insert circuitry. The special circuitry places the LBEQ after the transformer-balanced input stage of the 1073LB but before the transformer-balanced output stage. When paired up this way, both units create an accurate, complete classic 1073® module signal path.

High Pass Filter

The revered high pass filter from the classic 1073® modules is included in the 1073LBEQ. Using the original circuitry and components, the 1073LBEQ HPF delivers 18dB per octave filtering at 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, or 300Hz.

Electronically Balanced I/O

The 1073LBEQ input and output stages are electronically balanced, delivering a pure signal path from both sides of the EQ circuit; this transparent I/O design means that only the classic 1073® EQ discrete circuit adds colour to the signal allowing for perfect pairing as an insert into the 1073LB preamp.

Signal Presence & Clip Indication

The signal presence LED illuminates green at -25dB and red at +26dBu to indicate analogue signal overload.

General Specification

  • Signal LED – Off below -26dB Green between -25dB and +23dB Red at +24dB or higher
  • Switch for EQ IN/OUT function, with LED indication
  • Electronically balanced circuits used in Line Input and Line Output stages for standalone module use
  • Audio Processing Insert design
  • Compatible 500-series rack not supplied


  • High-Frequency Band – Smooth +/-16dB of fixed frequency shelving at 12kHz
  • Mid-Frequency Band – Smooth +/-18dB of peaking, fixed Q, selectable centre 0.36kHz / 0.7kHz / 1.6kHz / 3.2kHz / 4.8kHz / 7.2kHz
  • Low-Frequency Band – Smooth +/-16dB shelving 35Hz / 60Hz / 110Hz / 220Hz
  • High Pass Filter – 18dB per octave slope 50Hz / 80Hz / 160Hz / 300Hz


  • Height – 132mm (5.25 pounds)
  • Width – 38mm (1.5 pounds)
  • Depth – 145mm (5.75 pounds)
  • Weight – 0.6Kg (1.25 pounds)

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