Avantone Pro | AV10 MLF Replacement Woofer for CLA-10 / NS-10M
Avantone Pro | AV10 MLF Replacement Woofer for CLA-10 / NS-10M
Avantone Pro | AV10 MLF Replacement Woofer for CLA-10 / NS-10M

Avantone Pro | AV10 MLF Replacement Woofer for CLA-10 / NS-10M

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Replacement Woofer for CLA-10 / NS-10M


The “White Cone” has Returned!

Avantone Pro, in conjunction with the expertise of legendary mixer Chris Lord-Alge, have designed the most faithful reproduction of the world’s most iconic studio monitor. Now everyone can mix on the monitors that define “the hitmaker sound”. A tremendous amount of design work and exacting detail have finally made the “white cone” monitors available to everyone! 

We also created what the world has always asked for — an active-powered version: the CLA-10A!

Black box. White cone. High-range frequency. It’s not known as the world’s best — it’s known for the being the world’s best reference — the sound that creates hits.

Already own the original “White Cone”? Avantone can keep them running for years.

Since Yamaha® discontinued the iconic NS10M, the supply of aftermarket components has become more and more expensive and less and less available. Avantone Pro has done an exact reverse engineering of the original drivers. Using our global resources and decade of experience in driver constructed, we have reproduced the components faithfully, while upgrading components for longer life, and updating materials to comply with environmental requirements.

The Low Frequency driver, AV10 MLF, is a near exact match from 20Hz to the crossover frequency. We have changed the cone design from a lapped seam to a single continuous press formed cone from the same supplier as the original. This allows a much higher level of quality control and consistency during the manufacturing process.

The AV10 MLF replacement driver is physically and dimensionally exactly the same as the original and is a “bolt in” hassle free install that require no changes to the cabinet in the installation process.


We’ve worked tirelessly to bring this classic monitor system back to the world — but it took more than just recreating a single speaker. A tremendous amount of attention has been put into every detail: matching the original MDF and wood veneer for the cabinet, matching the original winding dimensions/value/dc resistance of the inductors, profiling the most popular amplifier pairings of the original, just to name a few things. All of this development has culminated into a slew of monitor solutions.

The CLA-10 and CLA-10A: the iconic “white cone” monitors, in both passive and active configurations.

The CLA-100 and CLA-200: reference amplifiers with the perfect voicing to compliment the CLA-10 and original “white cones”

AV10 MHF and AV10 MLF: the classic “white cone” drivers — now available for the first time in decades as direct replacements for the original.

AV10 MXO: replacement crossover for original Yamaha™ NS10M™ studio monitors.


  • LF DRIVER SIZE: 7.3" woofer
  • LF DRIVER TYPE: 1.5" Voice coil
  • IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms (DC resistance 6.9 ohms)

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