Avantone Pro SSM Professional Shockmount
Avantone Pro SSM Professional Shockmount

Avantone Pro SSM Professional Shockmount

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Avantone SSM Professional Shockmount

  1. The Avantone SSM Shock mount is designed for professional use. The unwanted low frequency rumble and vibrations that are physically transmitted via direct surface-to-surface contact into the microphone will be drastically reduced through the use of this product. It is very important in studio, as well as live usage, to maintain an uncluttered mix by reducing the low-frequency muddiness that can build up in multiple, full-range, open mics.
  2. Each SSM is constructed of heavy-duty die-cast zinc, which is not only incredibly durable but also adds mass, which contributes to vibration dampening/decoupling. Sturdy construction with 4 O-RINGS per unit will securely hold most small body mics while "floating" them away from body-to-body contact.
  3. The slots allow vertical/horizontal positioning of o-rings which we recommend & will accommodate most mics. The o-rings can also be positioned in an "x" configuration to allow a better fit on the very slim barrels of some measurement type mics. The o-rings have been updated to a custom formula that is much stronger than the previous material we used. The new world class Ethylene Propylene formula provides enormous resistance to breakage, resistance to surface nicks and remains supple and effective even against dry hot temperatures. It has the best resistance to ozone and weathering which makes it great for use around electronics devices, and maintains its physical properties even in a stretched condition.


  1. -Simple and effective!
  2. -Solid metal construction
   Fits the following mics
    1. MXL 603
    2. MXL 604
    3. Neuman KM-184
    4. Neuman KM-84
    5. Audix SCX-1
    6. Audix SCX-25
    7. Audix F-15
    8. Audix ADX-51
    9. RODE NT5
    10. DPA 4000 Series
    11. B&K 4000 Series
    12. Earthworks Mics
    13. AKG C451
    14. AKG C460
    15. AKG C60
    16. ADK SC-1 / SC-2 / SC-T
    17. Audio-Technica 4041a / 4049a / 4051a / 4053a
    18. Beyer MC 930
    19. M-Audio Pulsar
    20. Microtech Gefell M294 / 295 / 300
    21. SMS 2000
    22. Okatava MC 012 / 101
    23. Sennheiser K6
    24. Shure KSM137 / KSM141 / SM 81 / SM63
    25. T.H.E. KR-33A / KR-2W / KR-25A / KR-1F / KR-2C / TT-3M
    26. Samson CO2 / CO2H
    27. Superlux SMKH8K
       ...and most other microphones with a (19mm-22mm) diameter body


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