Chandler Limited Little Devil Colored Boost
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Chandler Limited Little Devil Colored Boost
Chandler Limited Little Devil Colored Boost

Chandler Limited Little Devil Colored Boost

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Little Devil Colored Boost | Chandler Limited

Wade called this pedal a Colored Boost for a reason! It's not a clean boost, though it's not a fuzz either. The Little Devil Colored Boost can gently color your Fender or drive your old Marshall into oblivion.

True bypass, full bypass, or hardwire bypass. Whichever term you like!

Connects to the amplifier or other source such as computer input.

Connects to guitar, bass or keyboard.

Sets the overall brightness of the pedal. We found this useful when using amps of different sizes especially when combined with the boost range. Small bright combos can be fine tuned easily or a muddy stack brightened up with a throw of the toggle. Smooth, bright and very bright.

Select the frequency response of the pedal here. This is at the beginning of the pedal circuit to keep the sound as focused as possible. Highs - Similar to old school treble boosters. Just the high frequency is boosted. Mids – A broader range treble boost adding in high mid range and just a touch of low mid range. Full – The widest range boost, covering the low mid and into the low frequency. We left out just enough of the lows to keep the sound tight. This is also a great setting for bass and keyboards.

Selects both the negative feedback and bias of the circuit. Negative feedback will change the gain, frequency response, clipping and harmonic distortion of the pedal. Bias changes the operation of the gain transistor and effects many sound properties of the pedal especially the clipping and distortion. There are 5 Feedback settings. See the manual for the incredible effect these settings have on the tone.

This is the amount of gain you can select from the pedal. Depending on the feedback/bias setting, you can get as much as 37DB of boost. The colored boost control is not linear in its sound. The pedal gets brighter as you boost more. You will find it important to use the boost range in conjunction with boost to tailor your sound to your needs.

Accepts 9 to 9.6V power adaptors on the front. On the inside is an optional battery clip. This is a solid chassis mount clip for long term use. Four screws on the side panel must be removed to change the battery. Please use a phillips screwdriver with a proper fit to avoid stripping the screws. Current draw 40MA.

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The soul of the Little Devil Colored Boost is the Class A amplifier design and the selectable Feedback/Bias control. The six presets range from slightly fuzzy to a "in your face" Plexi sound. Each preset has its own style of harmonic distortion and clipping with different effects on a sine wave signal. Soft clipping, hard clipping, clipping on the top, bottom, or both sides of a sine wave, and significant changes in frequency happen with each click of the Feedback/Bias switch. Capable of 39db of boost, the Little Devil Colored Boost can easily range from gentle sustain to screaming vintage.





BYPASS: True Bypass

I/O: 1/4"

POWER: 9-volt “BOSS” style power supply or single 9-volt battery

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