Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor
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Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor

Chandler Limited Little Devil Compressor

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Little Devil Compressor | Chandler Limited

CHANDLER LIMITED furiously enters the 500 race with its line of 500 Series Modules for your favorite lunch box! Using all discrete circuits that combine Chandler's best designs with the hottest designs from the past, transformer balanced everything, and the American handmade quality you expect from Chandler, the 500 Series Modules will take your lunchbox or rack system to the next level!

Hardwire bypass.

Completely variable with a wide range of control. It’s so effective, you can use it as a threshold!

30, 60, 90, 150, 300HZ.

Release in three positions.

In three postions ranging from a gentle, low setting, to a smash, high selection.

You guessed it. This knob controls the output!

For mixing compressed and uncompressed signals, like doing parallel compression right in the unit.

With zener and germanium diode knees. Two very different presets. The germanium curve is aggressive and has squeeze. The zener (or reverse zener, as we call it because it is very different than our zener limiter) has almost no knee and totally different time constants.

Fine tune how hard you drive the comp.

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The Little Devil Compressor is a mixture of all that is Chandler. It combines elements of our LTD-2 and Germanium Compressor, as well as 2264 and 33609 units, into an all new compressor for a 500 format. Discrete transformer sound and handmade quality are the make up of the Devil Comp.

If you like any of the units that inspired it, you will enjoy seeing those sounds come to the next level. Revolutionary controls like wet/dry, sidechain filter, and curve selection make the unit extremely flexible. When combined with its intense tone, this compressor gives you a powerful package in a small box!

Please note that all Devils feature increased compatibility! No power issues here!

Little Devil EQs and Little Devil Compressors have been upgraded to eliminate the power conflict experienced with some 3rd party racks and lunchboxes.  The upgrade has been tested in the racks listed above.  Any Little Devil EQ or Little Devil Compressor with compatibility issues can be returned to Chandler Limited for a free upgrade (parts and labor), however, Chandler Limited will not cover shipping costs.

All Chandler 500 series units have now been tested and proven to have no power issues in the following racks:  API 500V 10-slot with L200 PSU; API 500-6B Lunchbox; API 500-6B HC “new version” Lunchbox; BAE 11-slot with power one supply; BAE 6-slot portable with power one supply; BAE 6-slot with Avedis designed supply; A-Designs 2-slot; Purple Sweet 10; and Empirical Labs 2-slot.


FORMAT: 500 Series


CIRCUIT: Discrete, Transistor, Transformer Balanced

BYPASS: Hardwire

I/O: 500 Series Enclosure

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