Crumar MIDI Rotary Interface
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Crumar MIDI Rotary Interface

Crumar MIDI Rotary Interface

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Crumar MIDI Rotary Interface

This product helps you to connect a number of known “Clonewheel” organs or other MIDI equipment to a vintage or modern rotary speaker or digital simulator. Rotary speakers have motors that establish the speed of the rotating speakers, usually for a slow or fast rotation, or even no rotation. This board receives the command under the form of a MIDI message and controls two mechanical relays that, if connected the right way to the motor circuitry, control the rotation speeds.
You can choose which known Clonewheel organ to set for the MIDI control via the “CONF” jumper.

This is an OEM device (OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer), as such it is intended to be part of a more complex product that the end user is going to assemble according to his own needs.
Connections are offered under the form of screw terminal blocks, that are sockets into which you can insert a wire and lock it with a screwdriver. This way you don't have to solder anything. Sockets are on the two sides of the board.

This video shows how the Crumar MIDI Rotary Interface is connected to a vintage 145 rotary speaker and is controlled by four different MIDI keyboards.

Can be controlled by the following known MIDI devices:

  •     Crumar Mojo / Hamichord
  •     Generic CC# 1 (Mod. Wheel)
  •     Nord Electro 3 / 4D
  •     Nord C1 / C2 / C2D
  •     Nord Stage 2
  •     Korg CX-3 / BX-3
  •     Studiologic Numa Organ
  •     Viscount / Oberheim DB-3 / DB-5
  •     Hammond Suzuki SK-1 / SK-2
  •     Hammond Suzuki XK-3 / XK-3c
  •     Korg Kronos side buttons (CC#80 and 81)


  •     MIDI input
  •     MIDI THRU
  •     Power in: 7 ~ 12 Volts DC 500 mA
  •     LED Slow
  •     LED Fast
  •     STOP Relay
  •     FAST Relay


  • - Firmware can be updated via MIDI SysEx for future expansions.


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