GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console
GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console
GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console
GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console
GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console
GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console
GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console
GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console

GSi DMC-122 Dual Midi Console

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Your dream controller

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect MIDI controller for the studio,
the stage and every kind of instrument you wish to play?
Your dream has just come true.

More than just a MIDI controller

The GSi DMC-122 not only is a very solid yet portable dual manual MIDI controller with an organ-style interface.
It offers a full set of features that you won't find in no other controller.
It's a dual manual organ. It's a dual keyboard controller. It's a MIDI mixer, a control surface.

Your creativity's new home.

20 Drawbars, 6 Potentiometers.
1 Encoder, 22 buttons.
1 multiple button.
Pitch bender and modulation wheel.
Two 61-key "waterfall" keybeds
with Channel aftertouch.

Everything totally programmable.

4 individual MIDI outputs.
1 USB-MIDI connection.
2 inputs for continuous pedals.
Assignable sustain pedal input.
Power for your USB device.

Connects to your musical world.

Not only a mute keyboard

The GSi DMC-122 comes with a software editor application compatible with Windows and OS X.
The editor allows to edit every single control and all global options,
store and organize up to 32 complete setups, create and store three custom velocity curves,
and much more.

At the simple press of a button, the editor program becomes the sound engine
for the DMC-122 offering the sound of VB3 Version 2.

More voice to the choir

On the back of the DMC-122 there's an expansion slot.
If no expansion is installed, the cover offers the fourth MIDI output.
When filled with our powerful DSP engine
the DMC-122 becomes a stand-alone keyboard
bringing you the best of the most realistic
physically modeled and sampled sounds
from the decennial experience of GSi.
We care for your future

The DMC-122 software can be easily updated at any time
thanks to the Editor's built-in upgrade function.


✓ Size: 96 x 15,5 x 49 cm - 37,8 x 6,1 x 19,3 inches
✓ Weight: 18 Kg - 39,7 lbs
✓ Power supply: 9 VDC
✓ Power consumption: 0,5 A (only controller) - Up to 3 A (with DSP card)
✓ Power adapter: included.
✓ Optionals (can be purchased separately):
✓ Expression pedal
✓ Dual foot switch
✓ Half-moon switch
✓ Extension Pad
✓ Hard case with casters
✓ GEMINI Expander - DSP add-on card
Specifications are subject to change without notice

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