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A Powerful Sound Transformation Application
IRCAM Lab “TS” stands for “Transpose/Stretching” and is a powerful stand alone software application that revolutionizes the way audio signals can be processed. Your singer can't reach the lowest note or highest note in your piece, transpose it up and down in real time and let them try it right away.

But “TS” is much more than a simple time stretching tool. Sound designers, DJ’s and musicians will be amazed by the unlimited possibilities offered by “TS” to create totally new sounds. From a basic drum loop to pianos, voices or any other audio signal, “TS” can make something totally wild and original out of it.

Unlike other time stretching applications, “TS” uses an advanced phase vocoder engine (SuperVP) as well as the analysis/synthesis functionalities of “AudioSculpt”, providing high-quality sound processing in real-time. This technology offers amazing results even when used to transpose or stretch audio waveforms radically. It is able to transpose and/or pitch a WAV or AIFF audio file with extremely accurate results and minimal artifacts making it possible to process professional recordings with transparent results. A life saver for audio engineers and broadcast technicians!

The application can transform an audio signal to extreme settings transforming it into a totally new sound! Simply drag a WAV or AIFF file into “TS” and stretch it down at 300%. That will give you a quick idea of how powerful it is. Now try the formant, transient, sinus or noise sliders to sculpt your sound and you create totally original audio textures.

You will be able to adapt the length of your compositions with ease to fit the needs of your project. If your song has to end more quickly or be extended for any reason, it is a click of a button away. and you will hear it immediately. Film and advertising work with their demands for different lengths of material will be instantaneously available to deliver the new time format.


  •     Sound source Waveform visualisation
  •     Spectral information shown on screen
  •     Transposition in percentage and scale format
  •     Powerful Time Stretching
  •     A unique Shape Preservation mode for voice transformation
  •     Transient shaping
  •     Harmonic and Inharmonic signals Remix options
  •     Midi remote control option
  •     Real time recording directly into the application
  •     Offline bounce (WAV|AIFF, 16|24|32 bit)


  •     Intel processors only Minimum 2Ghz
  •     2 GB RAM
  •     Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher

Product activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).

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