iZotope | RX Loudness Control
iZotope | RX Loudness Control
iZotope | RX Loudness Control

iZotope | RX Loudness Control

Choose Your RX Loudness Control: Full Verison
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Choose Your RX Loudness Control: Full Verison

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RX Loudness Control

Global loudness correction


RX Loudness Control uses intelligent processing to ensure your mixes comply with broadcast loudness standards.

Automatic Global Loudness correction

Industry-standard processing in two clicks

Designed specifically for audio/video post production and broadcast workflows, RX Loudness Control uses industry-leading, intelligent audio signal processing to ensure your mixes are delivered within the appropriate loudness standards.

Streamlined operation

RX Loudness Control first analyzes the audio source file, then computes the amount of transparent correction required to hit the target without a perceived change to the dynamic range.


Comprehensive loudness standard libraryloudness standards library

With a preset library complete with loudness standards for major broadcast formats, RX Loudness Control helps you ensure that your final mix is ready for virtually any pro media format.



Pro DAW integrationloudness standards library

RX Loudness Control is compatible as a plug-in for Pro Tools 10-12, Media Composer 7-8, and Premiere Pro CC—perfect for your next post production project.


Why RX Loudness Control?

audio gain controls

Hassle free gain adjustment

RX Loudness Control works by analyzing your audio and rendering a new file to ensure broadcast standard compliance.



loudness target list

Industry loudness targets included

Use RX Loudness Control’s library of professional loudness standards and conform your audio to the required level for your broadcast.




Simple, intuitive design for faster work

A clean, unobtrusive UI lets you perform analysis and processing in as little as two clicks, helping you get more work done in less time.


RX Loudness Control features

  • Ensure your mixes meet required delivery specifications
  • IRC II limiting
  • Truly intelligent algorithms that eliminate guesswork
  • Industry loudness targets included

What you get

  • Single-use license
  • Digital download of RX Loudness Control for Mac and PC

System Requirements

Operating Systems:

Mac: OS X 10.13.6 El Capitan - macOS 11 Big Sur*
* Intel-based Apple computers only (not yet ARM)

PC: Win XP (32–bit Service Pack 3)–Win 10

Plugin Formats:

Adobe Extension for Media Encoder CC, Adobe Extension for Premiere Pro CC, AudioSuite DPM & AAX

Supported Hosts:

Media Composer 7.0.4 and 8.3.1, Premiere Pro CC*, Pro Tools 10–12.

*Although we support CC 2015, you will have to manually move the presets from the old location to the new location in order to load them. Additional host support is under development. 

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