Magix Independence Pro Library

Magix Independence Pro Library

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Magix Independence Pro Library

Independence is the ultimate sampler workstation for professional music production in the studio and for live productions - Independence Pro and Independence Basic also available now. Independence´s Audio Engine has been redeveloped and improved, it now contains the Time-Stretching & Pitch-Shifting options. Using the innovative Multi Core support you can specify the number of kernels on your computer should be reserved for Independence. This ensures that Independence has the highest amount of CPU resources at its disposal, causing problems for other processes.
Top-quality Sampling Technology

Another milestone is the option to load VST effects, VST instruments and plug-ins from third parties into Independence, so that you have instant access to both your own VST effects and instruments as well as other sample libraries too. The "Browser" page in Independence allows you to search and import any MIDI files in an instant. You can also search for all other types of Independence files such as projects, layer sets and layer sets and sections - with all kinds of attributes.

  •     Download version of Independence Pro Library
  •     70 GB sample content
  •     Contains Independence Pro Software Suite 3.1 for free

Flexible Workflow
The Independence browser features "attribute" based batch processing making it as easy as possible to manage files. This allows you to edit and add attributes in one simple step. Independence´s quick edit page with "Custom Remote Control" range contains 32 freely-assignable fader and buttons featuring an built-in "Learn" option. These can be assigned to Independence parameters as well as other programs Thus these parameters can easily be assigned as your favorite features and functions, so that the Independence workflow adapts to your needs in the most flexible way.

Creative and flexible solutions
The Independence Pro 3.1 Software Suite, comprising Independence, Independence Live and Independence FX, provides access to hundreds of fully adjusted, and above all music-related software functions and guarantees unbeatable performance.
Regardless of whether you want to work in Mono, Stereo or Surround environment, Independence is ready for anything and offers creative, flexible and immediate solutions for any demands that a music producer, film composer, sound designer, songwriter or remixer may have. You can use the software as a VST plug-in (Mac and PC), as RTAS plug-in (Mac), as AudioUnits plug-in (Mac) and as a powerful standalone version with 32 MIDI ports, up to 512 MIDI channels and up to 64 Mono and 64 Stereo audio outputs.
Independence Live

A powerful host application, which was specially developed for Independence Performances "live on stage". Beside an unlimited amount of Independence Projects you can also load third party VST effect and VST instrument plug-ins in Independence. Being able to immediately switch between currently loaded projects allows you to create your custom setups for any live event - thanks to the flexible audio and MIDI routing of Independence Live. To help make live performances even easier, Independence Live supports all hardware controllers - which you can control with the knobs and buttons of the "Custom remote control" area.

Independence FX
An amazing virtual effect rack with all the Independence filters and effects.
Now you can use all premium Independence insert filters and effects as separate effect plug-ins You have access to over 45 powerful inserts, amongst which you´ll find the fantastic realtime impulse response processor "Origami". Independence FX contains hundreds of presets which you can load using drag´n´drop thanks to the browser. The virtual rack function allows you to load an unlimited number of inserts in Independence FX and to change their order.
Independence Pro

Independence Pro - a milestone in top quality sample library development, coupled with an enormous premium sound library!

Features the Independence Software Suite with Independence Live & Independence FX
70 GB Premium Sound Library including drums, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, acoustic and electric basses, pianos, organs, pop winds, saxophones, synthesizers, a complete symphony orchestra, the COMPLETE Sound Libraries from Candy, Culture and Majestic, plus many, many, more instruments.
More than 3,000 instruments, arranger, and step sequencer patches

Apart from the software and its performance, the sheer quality and precision of the available instruments are fundamental to the program´s power. Independence boasts a comprehensive 70 GB premium sound library of impressive instruments for professional requirements.

Contains the following instruments

  •     Drums & Percussion:
  •     Acoustic Drum Kits
  •     Electronic Drum Kits
  •     Ethno Percussion
  •     Tonal Percussion
  •     World Percussion
  •     Industrial Percussion
  •     Gitarren & Bässe:
  •     Acoustic Basses
  •     Electric Basses
  •     Acoustic Guitars
  •     Electric Guitars
  •     Symphonieorchester:
  •     Orchestral Percussion
  •     Orchestral Brass
  •     Orchestral Strings
  •     Orchestral Woodwinds
  •     Pianos & Orgeln:
  •     Piano - Keys
  •     Pipe Organ
  •     Weitere Instrumente:
  •     Pop Brass Section
  •     Saxophones
  •     Synthesizers
  •     Arpeggiator
  •     Groove Instruments
  •     Arrangers
  •     Step Sequencers
  •     Step Sequencers – Strings
  •     YT Tune Model Instruments
  •     Candy Saxofon:
  •     Alto Saxophone
  •     Baritone Saxophone
  •     Bass Saxophone
  •     Soprano Saxophone
  •     Tenor Saxophone
  •     Majestic Bässe:
  •     American - Tube Bass
  •     British - Tube Bass
  •     Direct Input (DI) Bass
  •     Music Styles Bass
  •     Bass Preamps & Cabinets
  •     Upright Bass
  •     Culture Percussion:
  •     Inspiring Percussion
  •     World & Ethno Percussion
  •     Industrial & Orchestral Percussion

Mac OS

  •     Mac OS 10.6
  •     Min. recommended: Intel Mac 1.8GHz, 1GB Ram
  •     Interfaces: Standalone, AU, VST, RTAS (32bit)


  •     Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 32bit & 64bit
  •     Min. recommended: Pentium/Athlon XP 3.0GHz, 1GB Ram
  •     Interfaces: Standalone, VST (32bit and 64bit), RTAS (32bit only)

for all systems

  •     DVD drive
  •     Internet connection for product activation required (on any computer)
  •     Additional hard disc space according to the library size

Product activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).

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