Neumann LC 3 KA
Neumann LC 3 KA
Neumann LC 3 KA

Neumann LC 3 KA

Lengths: 5 m
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Lengths: 5 m

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Microphone Cable


The LC 3 KA connects active capsules AK... with the KM 100 output stage. Diameter 3.5 mm, length 5 or 10 m.

Other cable lengths are available upon request! Cable material without connectors are also available.

Even if very long (Neumann) cables are used, the electroacoustic characteristics of the microphone are not affected.Only with cable lengths well over 300 m a high-frequency roll-off is noticeable.

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LC 3 KA (5 m)


Cat. No. 008408

LC 3 KA (10 m)


Cat. No. 008409


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