Pro Audio DSP DSM V2

Pro Audio DSP DSM V2

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Pro Audio DSP DSM V2

Prismatic Compressor & Mastering Limiter
The DSM V2 plugin was developed by Pro Audio DSP’s Paul Frindle, developer of some of the most respected and beloved products in recording, including the SSL E and G-series analog consoles and the SONY OXFORD OXF-3 digital console. Mr. Frindle is recognized as one of the most innovative designers in the recording industry.

The DSM V2 is not only powerful; it’s also one of the most flexible dynamics processors you’ll ever use. For example, to use the DSM V2 as a de-esser, just capture a few seconds of your vocal track where there are no “esses”. The DSM V2 can then apply that captured frequency and dynamic information to the rest of the track, thereby reducing the “esses” to match the captured section. Fast, easy, seamless.

To even out the dynamics of a mixed track during a mastering session, simply capture a few seconds of the loudest part of the track and then apply those dynamics and frequencies to the rest of the material, making it instantly “louder” while maintaining the source’s original character.

The DSM also includes a single-button Limiter function. The Limiter has been optimized to work with the DSM’s compression stage. The Limiter slams the door on short-term peak events in the program to prevent overs with no loss of punch, while retaining complete transparency for signals below -1dBFS.

Truly professional results are achieved very quickly for dynamics processes, including:
  •     Loudness enhancement
  •     Compression
  •     Vocal enhancement and character processing
  •     De-essing
  •     Controls both the spectral response and dynamic characteristics of audio material to bring new dimensions in audio production and artistic control.
  •     Quickly captures, modifies, and re-applies sound character to its own source, or to any other program.
  •     Sound character mapping between whole mixes, tracks, vocal parts, and instruments.
  •     Continuity matching in mastering.
  •     Threshold control changes the level of the Active Threshold curve in relation to captured spectrum.
  •     Compression Ratio controls available for all frequency bands.
  •     Independent manual gain make-up compensates for level reduction due to compression.
  •     Attack and Decay controls modify the rate of gain reduction and recovery for all frequency bands.
  •     Knee allows you to select the amount of dB below the selected threshold where the compression begins to ease in. The lower the compression kicks in, the softer the “knee”.
  •     The Low Frequency Attack control progressively increases the attack time for lower frequency signals in relation to higher frequencies.
  •     The High Frequency Release control progressively decreases the release time for high frequency signals in relation to lower frequencies, speeding up the gain recovery for high frequency compression events.
  •     Parametric Threshold - an expert mode feature that allows the user to either modify a captured spectrum manually, or build a custom spectrum from scratch.
  •     Stereo or dual mono operation
  •     Included 24 bit dither with a selectable 16-bit dither option
  •     Intel CPU only (we recommend at least 2 GHz)
  •     2 GB RAM
  •     Mac OS 10.8 or higher
  •     Display resolution of 1440 x 900 px / 1280 x 960 px or higher
  •     Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 instruction set (Pentium 4 compatible or higher; we recommend at least 2 GHz)
  •     2 GB RAM
  •     Windows 7 or higher
  •     Display resolution of 1440 x 900 px / 1280 x 960 px or higher
Product activation:
An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response).

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