How do I get the MBC audio into my computer?

The MBC has analog inputs and digital audio outputs. To get the digital audio from the MBC into a DAW you will have to use the digital audio input on your interface.

I have AES, SPDIF RCA and SPDIF Optical; which connection should I use?

We would recommend using AES as the first choice. For SPDIF, we recommend using the shortest possible cables (no more than 2 meters).

My interface has ADAT optical inputs, would that work?

No, you would need to convert the ADAT signal to SPDIF. Some interfaces can switch between ADAT and SPDIF protocols on their optical outputs.

Which ADC calibration setting should I use?

Many people use the calibration setting that best conforms to their existing converters. If you don’t need conformity, -20dB will give you the highest possible level through the transformer, which allows you to saturate it further.

Is the limiter on the MBC the same as in the Master Buss Processor?

The limiter on the MBC is similar to that in the MBP, but it has been refined slightly and has more available controls to fine-tune the response.