SADiE CEDAR DeCrackle96 Plug-in

SADiE CEDAR DeCrackle96 Plug-in

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The DeCrackle plug-in is designed to remove a different type of audio degradation than conventional click removal processes. Crackle is frequently confused with clicks and ticks which is not surprising, given that it comprises many short-duration impulsive signal disturbances. However, a click detector will often find it difficult or impossible to detect the damage that leads to crackle, so a dedicated method must be used. CEDAR's DeCrackle algorithms are also effective at removing many forms of impulsive buzzes as well as some amplitude distortions. As with all CEDAR processes, these algorithms clearly differentiate between the problem and the genuine signal, allowing transparent restoration of severely damaged material. Undamaged signal passes without any changes: there is no distortion, no loss of transients, and no loss of ambience.

Combining a complete suite of audio restoration tools with a Digital Audio Workstation provides the user with a very effective method of enhancing audio quality. An ideal system will be able to cope with all the impulsive disturbances it encounters, including thumps, scratches, clicks, and crackle. This can be created using a combination of SADiE DeNoise, SADiE DeClick, SADiE DeThump and now SADiE DeCrackle.

CEDAR DeCrackle is a third-party cost option plug-in - contact your dealer for details of how to obtain it.

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