Solid State Logic Duende Native Essentials Bundle
Solid State Logic Duende Native Essentials Bundle

Solid State Logic Duende Native Essentials Bundle

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Solid State Logic Duende Overview

The Duende Native Essentials from Solid State Logic features two native plug-ins derived from the company's legendary hardware. Available for host programs running under Mac OS X and Windows, the plug-ins bring professional audio quality, sophistication and benchmark performance within reach of all DAW users.

The Duende Native Channel plug-in is ported from the C200 console and includes separate high and low pass filters, a four band parametric equalizer, an independent compressor/limiter and gate/expander as well as an output gain adjustment knob.

The Duende Bus Compressor brings the dual benefits of spectacular audio performance with a universally acclaimed compressor characteristic. Taking its sonic cues from the bus compressor found in the Solid State Logic SL 4000 G Series console, the plug-in delivers a sound quality that has produced hundreds of best selling recordings.

Duende Native Channel

✓ Classic SSL console channel strip features and sound
✓ 4-band EQ, with 2 shelving sections and 2 parametric
✓ Variable low-pass and high-pass filter
✓ Switchable EQ characteristics between E Series and G Series EQ
✓ "Over-Easy" soft ratio compression characteristic for smooth transitions
✓ Variable process order routing
✓ Dynamics side-chain processing with independent side chains for compressor and expander/gate

Input Section features an input gain knob offering 20dB of gain and attenuation and an accompanying Input level meter. There is a Phase reverse switch with status LED and a Bypass All switch offering latency free by-pass of all plug-in processing

Filter Section includes a 12dB/octave low pass filter and an 18dB/octave high pass filter. The filters can be placed after the equalizer, before the equalizer or in the sidechain of the Dynamics section

Equalizer section is a classic, flexible four band parametric EQ that includes two distinct EQ flavors, one based on the SSL G series EQ, and another based on the latest version of SSL's legendary E series EQ. The plug-in includes high and low frequency shelving equalizers (which can be switched to peaking curves) and two overlapping equalizers with adjustable Q. Like the Filters section, the EQ section can be switched into the side chain of the Dynamics section. If both Filter and EQ sections are assigned to the dynamic side chain the Filter section precedes the EQ

The compressor/limiter section has a number of key features including a variable compression ratio from 1:1 to infinity:1, a variable threshold from -30dB to +10dB, auto sensing attack time (or selectable 1mS attack time), and a variable release from 0.1 to 4 seconds. The Compressor/Limiter has two modes of signal detection, Peak and RMS. This gives two very different modes of compression and limiting with Peak Mode giving far more dramatic compression characteristics

The Expander/Gate controls include a variable range from 0 to 40dB, a variable threshold from -30dB to +10dB, an auto-sensing attack time (switchable to 150 micro seconds), a variable hold time from 0 to four seconds, and a variable release time from 0.1 to 4 seconds

Duende Native Bus Compressor

✓ Powerful, complete mix compression
✓ Four release settings and auto release function
✓ 2:1, 4:1 and 20:1 compression ratios
✓ 'Over-Easy' soft ratio compression characteristic for smooth transitions
✓ Six attack settings

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