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Source-Nexus Pro 1.0 for Mac OSX

Turn any application into a Pro Tools, VST or Audio Units plug-in, for Mac OSX.

Mac OSX Core Audio Driver for AAX, VST and Audio Units.

Integrate any application's real-time audio with any other application, with AAX Native, Audio Units and VST support. 

About Source-Nexus

  • Virtual System Audio driver
  • Native 32 and 64-bit AAX support
  • 32 and 64-bit VST and Audio Units support
  • Up to 192khz sample-rate, mono and stereo
  • Dual drivers for audio separation
  • Up to 24-channels
  • Support for Source-Connect Pro X (Surround)
  • iLok support

Source-Nexus is an audio application router for Mac OSX

This highly flexible software utility has many uses. Record remote voiceover from Source-Connect or Source-Connect Now directly in Final Cut or Media Composer, playback iTunes to Pro Tools, even patch Pro Tools to and from Nuendo. All at the same time! The possibilities are endless Opens an entire new world for application integration with Pro audio users and their studio environment. No more cables to set up

You can now "patch in" any software such as synths, noise reductors, phone applications, metering, encoders, decoders, external processors, other audio workstations, video editors, even a browser web page!

Built for all kinds of audio

Pro Tools

Nexus allows Pro Tools users to directly integrate virtually any application without using external cables using the AAX plug-in, and allows all CoreAudio audio applications to record and be recorded from your Pro Tools timeline.

VO artists

Allows you to consolidate all your various communication systems and external apps into one clean Pro Tools template where everything you need is a button push or mouse click away.

Musicians and composers

Route your synths and generators into Pro Tools directly without requiring additional cables.

Post production

Anyone looking to setup an integrated template where various applications feed in and out of Pro Tools like a cable free virtual studio within their computer. Makes setups cleaner, simpler, less expensive and more mobile.

How to use it

Set your Audio out to use Source-Nexus, and receive it in your plug-in host application, e.g. for Pro Tools: simply put the Source-Nexus AAX plugin on an Auxiliary track and choose your channel input (e.g. ch1 for mono, and ch1&2 for stereo).

With Source-Nexus Pro you can choose both input and output channels. For Source-Nexus Basic, this is one-directional so choose if you wish to record or send.

If your application doesn't allow you to set the device, such as iTunes or QuickTime, set your System Preferences to use Source-Nexus for the output and monitor in your plug-in host.

If your application doesn't allow you to set the output, set your System Preferences to use Source-Nexus for the output so you can monitor and record in your plug-in host.

Up to 24 channels, and with multiple Source-Nexus Aux tracks there is no limit to application audio routing.

Extreme flexibility for Input and Output separation means you can connect all your Audio apps for monitoring, recording and effects however you want them.

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