Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MADI AX & SX
Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MADI AX & SX
Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MADI AX & SX
Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MADI AX & SX
Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MADI AX & SX
Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MADI AX & SX
Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MADI AX & SX

Solid State Logic Alpha-Link MADI AX & SX

Model: SX
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Model: SX

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The Alpha-Link MADI AX, Alpha-Link MADI SX and Alpha-Link Live-R are well established as reliable high quality multi-channel audio converters in professional studio installations around the world. Both models feature 64 channel MADI to 24 channel digital and 24 channel SSL A-D/D-A converters. Each unit features lossless Fibre Optic MADI In/Out connections which can be used to connect to SSL's own MadiXtreme, MX4 or Delta-Link computer interfaces, to MADI equipped consoles and routers or to cascade multiple Alpha-Link units to create powerful systems that offer exceptional value. There are three different models available each of which features 24 channels of high quality SSL A-D/D-A conversion which can operate at up to 96kHz. The Alpha-Link MADI AX converts between analogue, optical digital MADI and 24 digital ADAT Lightpipe digital Inputs and Outputs simultaneously. The Alpha-Link MADI SX and Live-R convert between analogue, optical digital MADI and 24 channels (12 stereo pairs) of AES/EBU digital Inputs & Outputs simultaneously. The Alpha-Link Live-R originates in SSL's broadcast range so offers additional features including redundant PSU's, redundant MADI connections and is switchable between +18dBu or +22dBu nominal maximum analogue I/O level for 0dB FS. All units feature a front panel hardware switch based control interface with LED status indication, and dedicated tri-colour LED's provide signal activity indication.

Alpha-Link MADI AX, MADI SX 
✓ High quality SSL A-D/D-A converter technology
✓ Lossless 64 channel Fibre Optic MADI digital audio input and output
✓ 24 analogue inputs and outputs with SSL A-D/D-A at up to 96kHz
✓ Rear panel analogue connection via standard 24 pin D-Sub
✓ BNC Word Clock sync In/Out
✓ Perfect partner product for SSL MadiXtreme, MX4 and Delta-Link interfaces
✓ All input and output channels can be used simultaneously in any configuration
✓ Comprehensive input/output routing & mode selection matrix
✓ Analogue input/output activity indication via 24 tri-colour LEDs
✓ Supports Fs and 2Fs formats in either High Speed or Legacy modes
✓ SSL Alpha-Link AX
✓ SSL Alpha-Link AX
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Alpha-Link MADI AX

Professional MADI to ADAT Lightpipe and A-D/D-A converter

✓ 24 analogue
✓ 24 ADAT Lightpipe digital
✓ Up to 64 MADI digital

Alpha-Link MADI SX

Professional MADI to AES/EBU & A-D/D-A converter

✓ 24 analogue
✓ 24 (12 pairs) AES/EBU digital
✓ Up to 64 MADI digital


✓ Depth 310mm
✓ Height 88mm (2RU)
✓ Width 19.0"
✓ Weight 6.0kg
✓ Operating voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
✓ Power consumption 30W
✓ WordClock connector style BNC
✓ MIDI (Number of ports) 2 (1 input port and 1 output port)
✓ Phones connector style 1/4" JACK

Technical Specifications


✓ Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz (+0dB -0.5dB) at 48kHz sampling rate
✓ Harmonic Distortion 0.005% @ 1kHz sine wave at 1dBFS with 20 kHz brickwall low
pass filter
✓ Dynamic Range 128dB digital (A-weighted)
✓ Adjacent Channel Crosstalk (+10dBu at 1kHz): 90dB
✓ Input Levels Alpha-Link AX & SX (maximum) +22dBu
✓ Input Levels Alpha-Link AX & SX +22dBu
✓ Input Levels Alpha-Link Live-R switchable +18dBu/+22dBu
✓ Output Levels Alpha-Link Live-R switchable +18dBu/+22dBu
✓ Digital
✓ Quantization 24 bit
✓ Sample Rates 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
Latency Values

The latency values (input/output delays) for XLogic Alpha-Link MADI AX, SX interfaces are as follows:

ADAT interface input: 3 samples
ADAT interface output: 2 samples

AES/EBU interface input: 2 samples
AES/EBU interface output: 2 samples

MADI interface input: 3 samples
MADI interface output: 2 samples

Analogue interface input (ADC): 43 samples
Analogue interface output (DAC): 28 samples

The values are the same at all sample rates.

NB: This means that when two Alpha-Links are connected via ADAT, MADI or AES/EBU, so that the second one provides additional analogue inputs/outputs to the first one, the overall delay for a signal passing from one unit to the other is 5 samples via ADAT or MADI, and 4 samples via AES/EBU (output latency of one unit, plus input latency of the other). For perfect alignment of all the analogue inputs/outputs across both units, a compensating delay will need to be added to the signal path from each analogue input and to each analogue output of the first unit.

This can be done in the SSL Soundscape Mixer software by inserting Sample Delay Line mixer elements as needed.

The latency values for the XLogic Delta-Link are as follows:

MADI to HD: 5 samples
HD to MADI: 5 samples

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