VSL Vienna Suite PRO
VSL Vienna Suite PRO
VSL Vienna Suite PRO

VSL Vienna Suite PRO

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VCL Vienna Suite PRO

High-Precision Stereo & Surround Audio Plug-ins
We know your sonic endeavors demand intuitive interfaces that effortlessly translate your musical and technical ideas into brilliant sonic results, whether for individual track processing and mixing or for the final mastering process. Thats why Vienna Suite Pro forgoes needless complexity and “option overload”. The emphasis is on quick comprehension, simplified, intuitive operation, and sublimely musical processing.

Fully scalable graphic interfaces make the benefits of real-time visual feedback even more accessible, from dynamics and filter processing plug-ins such as Compressor Pro, Limiter Pro and the brand-new Multiband Pro, to sonic analysis plug-ins such as Goniometer Pro and Loudness Pro. Quality graphic feedback is the key to monitoring and intuitively understanding how your audio is being processed and how each plug-in enhances your output.

Flexible routing and grouping options inside the most essential processing plug-ins make surround sound mixing and channel management more approachable than ever before. In Analyzer PRO, Equalizer PRO and Compressor PRO, you can process up to 8 individual channels or groups separately in one plug-in. With Limiter PRO and Multiband PRO, several channels of a multi-channel signal may be grouped for linked processing, with up to 8 possible groups!

Vienna Suite PRO – General Features

  •     Retina-ready scalable graphic interfaces for ultra-high visual resolution
  •     Full flexibility in any stereo and surround setup up to 12.2
  •     Intuitive routing and grouping options
  •     Hundreds of useful presets for Vienna Instruments as well as for complete mixes.
  •     Full 64-bit audio processing
  •     Available as VST, VST3, AU, AAX Native plug-ins

Vienna Suite PRO – Plug-ins

Analyzer Pro

  •     Analog Constant Q-Mode Analyzer Mode with 120 bands
  •     Digital FFT Analyzer Mode (12 display types)
  •     Loudest Frequency Note Display
  •     Group Settings: Up to 8 groups can be processed and displayed individually or simultaneously

Compressor Pro

  •     Real-Time Input/Output Waveform Display
  •     FAT and OPTO Modes available
  •     Sidechain Input Selection from any available channel or host sidechain functionality
  •     Group Settings: Up to 8 groups can be processed and displayed individually or simultaneously

Equalizer Pro

  •     Eight Fully Parametric EQ-Bands (Solo Mode available)
  •     Available filter types: Peak, High Shelf, Low Shelf, High Cut, Low Cut, Notch and Bandpass
  •     Integrated 120 band Spectrum Analyzer
  •     Keyboard with playable sine tone to locate frequencies
  •     4x Oversampling Mode
  •     Adjustable Reference Pitch
  •     Group Settings: Up to 8 groups can be processed and displayed individually or simultaneously

Exciter Pro

  •     4x Oversampling Processing to create higher order harmonics
  •     Unique Distortion Algorithms to completely eliminate Aliasing
  •     Integrated FFT Spectrum Analyzer and Difference Graph

Goniometer Pro

  •     Glow feature for Goniometer and Correlation Meter facilitates controlling a mix without constant observation
  •     Integrated Correlation Meter to check mono-compatibility, unwanted phase-shifts and polarity inversions
  •     Useable as a constantly visible controlling device for your mixes due to extremely low CPU demand
  •     Oversampling allows for precise signal interpretation
  •     Allows analysis of any channel pair in a surround setup

Hybrid Reverb Pro

  •     Combines great surround convolution impulses with rich algorithmic reverb tails
  •     The best of both worlds for a homogeneous and dense sound, meeting todays most professional mixing standards
  •     Graphical interface with intuitive parameter access
  •     Impulse Response Real-time envelope
  •     Great variety of presets in the categories of room, chamber, church, hall, scoring

Imager Pro

  •     Improve or rebalance the spread between any input pair in your surround setup
  •     Input Channel selection
  •     Visualization of channel positioning

Limiter Pro

  •     Real-Time Input/Output Waveform Display
  •     Auto Mode for transparent maximization
  •     True Peak Envelope Detection (16x oversampled detector)
  •     Group Settings: Fine-grained control over the linking between audio channels with up to 8 groups

Loudness Pro

  •     Surround loudness metering (EBU R-128 standard)
  •     Real-time display of Integrated, Short Term, Momentary and True Peak graphs

Matrix Mixer Pro

  •     Gain, Delay and Phase Network
  •     Source-Destination Matrix Display with channel feed settings

Multiband Pro

  •     12-band surround dynamics processor
  •     Flexible graph editing and real-time visual feedback
  •     Group Settings: Fine-grained control over the linking between audio channels with up to 8 groups

Power Pan Pro

  •     Stage-positioning of signals
  •     Gain, Phase, Delay and Spectral balancing modes
  •     Real-time audio-angular analysis

Surround Balance Pro

  •     Balance your mix in any surround environment

Surround Pan Pro

  •     Pan your source signal from mono/stereo to any surround format

requirements Requirements

  •     PC Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64 (and later) with Windows XP/VISTA/Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit versions or
  •     Mac OS X 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo
  •     ViennaKey (Vienna Symphonic Library USB protection device) or other USB eLicenser (e.g., from Steinberg or Arturia)
  •     VST/VST3/AU/AAX Native/RTAS compatible hosts
  •     eLicenser Control Center software (get the latest version from www.eLicenser.net)

Product activation
This Instrument requires an eLicenser compatible Key for activation of the software (by Steinberg, formerly Syncrosoft)!
This USB protection device is not included in the box of this collection, it is a separate item you have to buy additionally. Each eLicenser dongle can store many product licenses - so it has to be purchased only once.
Additionally an internet connection on any computer is required to authorize the product.


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