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Syn'X 2

Syn’X 2 is a Polytimbral Synthesizer inspired by the synthesis part of a legendary Italian Synthesizer from the 80's, while its multi-layer card-based architecture is inspired by sophisticated hardware analog monsters like the Oberheim Matrix 12.

The Sound :

It offers the striking combination of clear and punchy DCOs with cutting multimode modeled analog filters like its ancestor, one of the last Vintage Polyphonic Analog Synthesizers, and a piece of Synthesis history, including the famous BBD Chorus!

And because it’s multitimbral, you can use up to 16 oscillators, 8 0df Analog Filters, 32 DADSR envelopes and Modulation Matrixes addressing any of the 132 possible destinations to build your own patches, when the 300 Factory Library Presets are not enough.

It’s a XILS-lab synthesizer, so we added MORE. To name a few :

  • Oscillators with cumulative waveforms (Up to 40 per patch)
  • New 0df PWM/Hard Sync Algorithm
  • Unique LFOs with cumulative waveforms (Up to 50 per patch)
  • Additional D-ADSR envelopes and Modulation Matrixes (Per Layer)
  • Unison, 2 arpeggiators, 2 Keyboard zones, Guitar Multitimbral mode
  • A Plethora of monophonic and polyphonic Play Modes
  • PolySequencer (Also acting as a modulation source)
  • Easy Sound Creation with our unique Smart Load Technology
  • Vintage sounding effects: Chorus, Phaser, Delay, Analog EQ. True Stereo Technology.
  • And a dual programming environment which offers you two different edit modes (Easy and Advanced)

The Easy Mode enables you to benefit from a powerful, yet intuitive and streamlined programming environment similar to the miniSyn’X duotimbral synthesizer, but with the additional power of additional envelopes, LFOs, etc.

The Advanced Mode unleashes the total power of the Syn’X 2 to build thick, complex, and unique patches, still with a totally revamped and fast workflow.

All this makes Syn'X 2 one of the most powerful and complex Virtual Analog Synthesizers of the modern era and offers you the best of both worlds: Vintage Sound in a modern frame, and never seen before possibilities.


The Syn'X 2 is a multitimbral synthesizer and offers 8 Layers (fully independent synthesizers), which share a global polyphony of 16 Voices, and can be freely assigned to either of the two Keyboards. It comes loaded with 300 presets designed by professional Sound Designers.

Per Layer/Synthesizer Parameters ( Up to 8 Layers per Patch )


  • 2 aliasing-free oscillators with cumulative Waveforms (Saw/DoubleSaw/Triangle/Sine/Pulse/Square)
  • Ring-Modulation, Pulse-Width Cross Modulation between oscillators
  • Hard synchronization between oscillators. New 0df Cm/HardSync Algorithm
  • Advanced Glide/Portamento module


  • One multi-mode analog modeled 0df filter (12/24 low pass, 6/12 band pass, 12 high pass filter) based on the CEM 3320 chip emulation
  • Self Oscillating Filter in all modes
  • Pre/Post Drive Module


  • 4 freely assignable envelope generators (DADSR) with syncable Lag
  • 2 Multi Waveform syncable polyphonic LFOs (with their own Mod Matrix)
  • 1 exclusive Chaotic LFO (with its own Mod Matrix)
  • 1 exclusive Rhythm LFO (with its own Mod Matrix)
  • 6 Slot Modulation Matrix with more than 15 sources and 130 destinations

Per Keyboard Parameters ( Up to 2 Keyboards Per Patch )

  • 1 Monophonic/Polyphonic Arpeggiator
  • 8 Mono/Polyphonic Play Modes + Guitar Mode (1 Midi Channel per Layer)
  • Up to 8 Layers and 16 Voices of Polyphony per Keyboard
  • Mono/Unison/Poly playing mode with up to 16 voices of polyphony
  • Keyboard Range (Low and Hi Note)

Per Patch Global Parameters and Effects

  • Dual Programming environment (Easy And Advanced Modes)
  • 128 step polysequencer (4 Lines)
  • 1 Global Sine monophonic LFO (Joystick)
  • Analog Chorus, Phaser, Delay and EQ.
  • Analog Spray Knob
  • All parameters are MIDI controllable via embedded Midi Ma
  • 7 waveforms: (Triangle, PWM Triangle, Saw, PWM Saw, Square, PWM Pulse)
  • Triangle and Sawtooth waveforms can also receive PWM New 0delay feedback PWM cross modulation mode. Ring modulator and Hard Sync between oscillators.
  • Several waveforms can be selected simultaneously for each of the oscillators (Up to 40 per patch)
Multimode Filter:

Based on an emulation of the CEM 3320 chip, the Syn'X 2 multimode filter provides 6 filter types: 12 & 24 dB Low Pass, 6 &12 dB Band Pass, and 12 dB High Pass with self-oscillation for all types. A special overdrive circuit can be used before or after the filter. This filter uses our proprietary "zero-delay feedback algorithm" providing a stunning analog character.

  • 4 special envelopes are available
  • Added to the standard Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release, the Syn'X 2 offers a MIDI synced Delay segment, useful for example, to trig tempo-synced modulations, or to open the filter a few milliseconds after the amplifier, giving some explosive effects.
  • A wide range of new sounds can be done with this feature.
Polyphonic LFO:
  • 2 heavily featured LFOs that can modulate the oscillator pitch and width, the filter frequency and the amplifier level and can also be used as sources in the modulation matrixes.
  • The frequency can be synced to the Host application tempo. The modulation can also be reset by the keyboard, or left free running, and a fade-in function is also available.
  • This additional unique LFO will breathe Real life into the synthesis engine(s).
  • This module calculates, in a 2-D space, the movement of a point. Each of the two axes can modulate any of the numerous available destinations.
  • Modulation’s rate, and the delay before the modulation is applied, can be set.
  • A smoothing parameter allows you to reduce the modulation variations and a chaotic level parameter allows you to increase or reduce the chaotic aspect of the movement.
  • 4 Chaotic functions can be chosen: Flying Fly, Bow Tie, Rainbow and Butterfly. 
Rhythm LFO:
  • 5 unique LFOs built for rhythmic effects.
  • The 5 modulations can run simultaneously, and each one can be assigned to any of the 132 possible destinations.
  • The modulation can be delayed and a phase parameter can adjust the start of the cycle.
  • Octo: a pulse at the 8th part of the cycle.
  • Hexa: a pulse at the 16th part of the cycle.
  • Terna: a pulse at the 6th part of the cycle.
  • Hoover: a ramp at the 16th part of the cycle.
  • Stutter: 5 little saws (ramp train) at the 16th part of the cycle.
Multi-layer Two keyboards and Guitar mode:
  • The Syn'X 2 offers two MIDI keyboards (Upper and Lower) suitable for split and layered instruments, and a special Guitar mode, where all layers can be assigned to independent Midi channels.
  • Each Keyboard has its own independent split point parameters, Unison and Play Mode, as well as a simple but powerful polyphonic arpeggiator.
  • Each keyboard can use up to 8 layers/16 voices, freely chosen, to get the most benefit of the Syn'X 2 multi-layer features.
  • The Syn'X 2 offers up to 16 voices of polyphony, by groups of two voices (1-9, 2-10, 3-11...), for a fully independent 8-layer management.
Guitar Mode:
  • The Syn'X 2 provides a specific voice/layer Mode initially invented for Midi guitar players.
  • Two voices can be assigned to each Midi Channel (ie. one per guitar string). Playing different sounds with each Guitar string has never been easier.
  • Drum players can also use this feature by connecting MIDI pads and setting each pad to trigger a different Midi channel/sound.

The Syn'X 2 is available with the following formats:

  • Mac OSX 10.8 and later:64 bits ONLY, VST, Audio Unit, AAX (native)
  • Windows 7,8,10: 32&64 bits VST, AAX (32&64 bits, native)

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